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Every Last Piece

Every Last Piece

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Two chefs. One Kitchen. Oh yeah, and they’re childhood rivals.

When circumstances push Nora Miller to return home after years living overseas, she’s accepted a job with a well-known upscale Denver restaurant.

What she doesn’t know is the chef who is currently running things.


When Enzo Capello’s boss thrusts a new chef on him, he’s not only mad, but shocked at who has just invaded his space.

Neither are happy to be working together, and the only way to express their feelings without actually having to speak is through a series of pranks.

But when Enzo catches Nora doing something she shouldn’t, he sees a new side of her that puts her in a whole new light.

Will enemies be able to put aside their pasts in the hopes of forming something new? Or will old wounds never heal?

Every Last Piece is a standalone, interconnected book with an HEA and never, ever any cheating.

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