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Got Your Six Ebook

Got Your Six Ebook

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He wasn’t supposed to come back.


And I probably shouldn't have fallen for him all over again.  


Main Tropes

  • Troubled Past
  • Lives at Stake
  • He Falls Harder


He wasn't supposed to come back.

For years I’d lived my normal small-town Texas life in peace and harmony.

So imagine my surprise when one normal afternoon, the one man I could never forget wanders in.

Troubled. Alone. And drinking his worries away.

If that’s not bad enough, another tall, dark and dangerous stranger wanders in. This one though... this one causes real trouble.

I don’t need or want a hero. I don’t need or want the trouble that both men cause; even if it’s in completely different ways.

But Ford Gentry isn’t one to sit on the sidelines, he’s the one that always has your back.

Not only that, when it comes to matters of my heart, he was playing for keeps.

And my heart was willing to take the chance.

Intro Into Chapter One


“You’re okay, you’re okay.” My voice quivers with the tears that are lodged deep in my throat, my nostrils burn with the smell of smoke, and I try to suck in a deep breath through my mouth. Something pins my chest; rough canvas rubs my cheek. The airbag.

Coughing has me jerking my head to the right and I notice my baby brother is close to me, his moans fill the car and I scramble for my seat belt trying to pry it off of me but the buckle is jammed in the slot and no matter how I strain and pull, it won’t budge.

“You’re okay, you’re gonna be fine,” I promise him.
“Ford, my legs.” The words pass his lips with a rasp and I cry out for help when I see what’s got them pinned. My cry is loud and feral. I know I’m seconds from losing my cool, and the only reason that would ever happen is if I was faced with losing my little brother. Lights are blinding me, I blink and look around, trying to find the source and hoping it’s someone coming to help. When I finally locate it, it’s not someone there to help but who put us here in the first place. A truck is pressed—no, lodged face-first into the passenger side of my own truck. Crushing my brother.
“Fuck.” My words pass through my lips as I finally register the sound of howling sirens in the distance. “Help is coming, Jack. Help is coming.”
“Ford.” My brother’s face is as pale as the moon, I use my right hand to grasp his arm and hold on tight. His breathing is rough, each gasp of air a challenge.
I just hold on.
I hold on for him. I hold on for me. I hold on for Mom and Dad.

“It’s okay,” I whisper again and shake my head. My eyes find his and I breathe out roughly. “It will be fine.” My tone is deep, demanding, willing my words to come true.
They say it only takes one moment to change the direction of your life; only one moment to alter it forever.

For me, this was that moment.

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