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Love So Well - NOW LIVE

Love So Well - NOW LIVE

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When Thea needs Logan's help, she asks him in a moment of panic. But when he finally tracks her down, he's determined to get to the bottom of what's haunting her.

Main Tropes

  • Hockey Romance
  • Enemies To Lovers
  • Sister's Best Friend


Keeping one secret relationship to myself was hard enough. But two? That's where things get messy.

I love romance just as much as the next girl, but it's so much better when I can observe it from afar. Especially after my best friend's brother played with my emotions and made me out to be the fool.

But when Mickayla told me about her romance-novel-worthy secret relationship with her brother Lincoln's hockey coach, I ate it up faster than my favorite chocolate.

Until said coach learns about Lincoln's failing grades and asks me to tutor him on the side. One-on-one time with Lincoln Ellis is the last thing on earth that I want.

If only I could convince my heart of that. 

Late night study sessions and heartfelt one-on-one's have us growing closer and forgiving past transgressions with every day that passes, which only makes the secret that I've been keeping from him about his sister harder and harder to hold on to. 

And to make matters worse is the secret I'm keeping from her: that despite my best efforts,I'm falling in love with her brother.

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