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On The Fence eBook

On The Fence eBook

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I was absolutely terrified to lose the love of my life.

So instead of losing her, I pushed her away and made the biggest mistake of my life.

Now, her cousin tells me she’s having trouble with her horse, and I’m the man who can help her fix it.

She doesn’t want my help, but she’s smart and knows that I’m the only option within fifty miles. Maybe I’m not her first choice, but in my favor, I’m her only one.

I’m given a second chance to make her see that I’m the man she loves and the one who loves her with everything he has. And even though I’m still horrified at the thought of losing her, I can’t throw away my chance to make her mine again.

Who’s ready for their cowboy era?


��second chance

��”it’s always been you”

��small town

�� redemption

��morally grey cowboy vibe

��forced proximity

��horse trainer hero

��cattle ranch setting

��cowboy, cowboy, cowboy

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